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Location Specific Proprietary Forecasts

Location Specific 36 Hour and 10 Day Forecast

Our proprietary algorithm factors in the best weather computers in the world and updates every hour. Our precipitation forecasts presents a range of possible outcomes using multiple computer ensembles.

Expert Video Analysis and Hand Built Outlooks

Daily detailed video analysis of the long range pattern with maps maintained and custom built by our staff of expert meteorologists.

Evapotranspiration Rates, GDUs and Spray Forecast

We’ve developed parameters specifically for the turf and ag industries so you can make educated decisions on when to plant, spray, irrigate and harvest year around.

Hour by Hour Precipitation Type Accumulation Forecast

Toggle between liquid, ice and snow to view an array of ensemble model forecasts for each parameter.

Ease of Use Interactive Maps

Live Hi-Res Precip-Type Radar

Live radar updating every 2 minutes showing rain, snow, ice pellets and freezing rain.

12, 24, 48 Hour and 7 Day Rainfall Map

Ability to zoom into location and tap to get exact measurement of your location using 1km MRMS Gauge-Corrected technology.

Live Hi-Res Lighting Detection (Optional Add-on)

Plots live cloud to ground lightning strikes on the map and gives you the ability to set range rings from your location to receive instant push notifications of cloud to ground lightning strikes.

Real-time Interactive Hail Swaths

Track hail swaths down to street level with the ability to point and click for estimated hail size

18 Hour Hi-Res Precip Type Future Radar and Severe Weather Outlooks

Look at what the radar will look like over the next 18 hours in 15 minute increments, plot wind gusts every 15 mins as well. You can also overlay severe weather forecast parameters out to 3 days.

BAMWX Notification and Alerting

24/7 Meteorological Chat Feature

Having a meteorologist at your fingertips to question and assist in high cost, high risk decisions.

Pre-storm/In-storm notifications

Notifications for approaching storms and detailed personalized in-storm updates.

Custom Threshold Alerts

Customize an array of parameters to alert for inclement weather risks.

Real-time location specific alerts

Customize over 50 different NWS alerts for your exact location.

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Per Year

Locations included: 1

Live Hi-Res Precip-Type Radar

Location Specific NWS Alerts

Location Specific 36 Hour Forecast

Additional Locations Optional

Additional Sub-Users Optional

Lightning Alerts Optional




Per Year

Locations included: 1

Everything included from: Basic

Location Specific 10 Day Forecast

Access to BAMWX Long-Range Forecasts

Additional Locations Optional

Additional Sub-Users Optional

Lightning Alerts Optional




Per Year

Locations included: 1

Everything included from: Basic and Premium

BAMWX Hazard Maps

24/7 Meteorologist Support via in-app chat

Custom heat index/wind chill/precip/wind alerts

Additional Locations Optional

Additional Sub-Users Optional

Lightning Alerts Optional


Custom Tailored

Fully Customized Plan for your needs

Lightning Alerts

Multiple Locations

Much More



Extensive detailed analysis on the weather pattern of the US AG belt. Perfect option for commodity traders and farmers.


Extensive detailed local weather analytics. This service is perfect for landscaping, farming, snow removal, outdoor events and anything that operates around an accurate weather forecast.

Sporting and Outdoor Events

Our events and sports planning will help you plan ahead on any threat and combined with our accurate weather forecasting service, keeping spectators safe from severe weather threats.

Schools and Universities

We are here to help Schools and Universities plan ahead on any threat and combined with our accurate weather forecasting service, keeping spectators safe from severe weather threats.


We provide accurate forecasts and information to help mariners make vital decisions in their operations for safety and mitigate delays.

Our Clients

“Although we have only been a customer of BAMWX for a short time, we cannot express how excited we are about the service that we are receiving. The daily forecasts and videos, as well the pinpoint lightning information has already proven to be invaluable for us here at Franklin College in protecting our student-athletes. The direct access to a meteorologist 24/7 will also prove to be vital as we continue to move forward with events on our campus, and do not want to be surprised when weather events pop up.”

Chris Shaff

Head Athletic Trainer at Franklin College

Indiana Sports Corp is thrilled to partner with BAM Weather as our sole weather provider for all Indiana Sports Corp events, BAM provides incredible support by not only accurately predicting the weather, but providing additional support interpreting the weather forecast. We look forward to partnering with Michael and his team as we continue to create positive impact by hosting world-class sporting events which drive economic vitality, facilitate a vibrant community with civic pride, garner national and international media attention and create opportunities for our youth.”

Caleb Kolby

Manager, Events, Indiana Sports Corp

"As a golf course superintendent, weather plays a key role in all of the decisions we make. I started researching weather stations to purchase so I could track rainfall, ET, RH and wind. Then I came across BamWeather and the weatherporthole app. Some of the key features are forecasted ET so our irrigations scheduling could be more accurate. Also the measurable rainfall amount was important so I would know if rain had fallen at the course from my home. I had four weather apps on my phone, and each one always gave a different forecast, or detail adn some would even say it was raining, when in reality it was not. There is a detailed forecast each morning by a live meteorologist, and you can even send messages that they respond to! Your own meteorologist so to speak. They are developing more feature in the app as well, like indicators of whether its appropriate to spray or not. I watched their forecasting for a couple weeks before purchasing, and they have always been accurate. In the short term and the long term. What I like best, is that if they are uncertain of what may happen, they’ll tell you. I am glad I found this service and look forward to more features to come!"

Culver Military Academy Golf Course

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